Bentley College Marketing- Honors

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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Bentley College Marketing- Honors

Bentley College Marketing- Honors

"Beware! Blogs On the Runway" commentary.

Beware! Blogs On The Runway
Jan 27, 2006

This is a great blog that ties fashion marketing to technology, via blogs. The author, an anonymous diva, describes the new trend that is emerging in the fashion industry to host virtual fashion carnivals online through blogging. The carnival in particular discussed in the diva’s blog was hosted by New York Fashion Week, which is actually going on right now (February 3-10, 2006). Almost Girl,, and Pajamas Media were named as the three main players in this event, and they will be displaying fashion through blogs, vlogs, and podcasting.
The diva then goes on to explain the importance of blogging as a new marketing technique for all industries and individuals. Through blogging, individuals and enterprises alike can define their unique identities and display their perspectives of the world. Blogs are the forum by which people can express themselves and make known their ideas, and they are also a new medium through which companies can communicate with potential and current customers.
Blogs have just recently become a popular use of the internet. Blogs are quickly becoming another technological mainstream way of life. As a virtually untapped area of marketing, companies who can develop and utilize effective blogs from the get-go will have a competitive edge over their rivals.
In addition, the author presents blogs as an effective career management tool. She recommends building a personal blog that will define individuals and market their abilities. This identification occurs in blogs through topic choices, thoughts and opinions on the topics, pictures and videos, visual layout of the blog site, etc. This will provide one more point of reference for employers to look into when investigating potential employees. Thus, blogs can be an effective (or equally disastrous) marketing tool for any citizen’s career portfolio.
This blog improved my understanding of marketing by bringing to light the fact that marketing can constantly be innovated and integrated into the newest technological trends. Gone are the days when marketing was limited to TV, radio and direct mail. Today marketing can be virtually anything and everywhere… the possibilities are endless.
My one critique of this blog is the lack of detail. The diva was probably just trying to be brief, but it would have been very helpful to the audience to define exactly what marketing activities would be taking place on the blogs during the carnival and how. I’m curious to see exactly how the fashion eBusinesses plan to capture the essence of their clothing through pictures and videos in a blog. I would also be interested in knowing what other online carnivals have/are taking place and what industries have been jumping on the blog bandwagen in recent years. Finally, I would have liked to learn more about blog marketing as it relates to corporations as opposed to individuals. The blog was slightly misleading, originally seeming to be focused on fashion marketing via blogs, and then dropping the ball on fashion and turning to convince readers to build blogs as personal marketing devices.


Anonymous Toby said...

Hi Katrina - thanks for including Diva Marketing as part of your class project. Appreciate your analysis of the post..good points to consider.

If you want to know who the mysterious. "anonymous" diva is -

Happy to answer any questions any time.

Good luck with your class.

toby aka the diva ;-)

Monday, February 13, 2006 1:04:00 AM  

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