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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

"Blogs Go To School"

February 27, 2006

In one of Toby’s latest blurbs posted to the
Diva Marketing blog, she discusses the emerging acceptance of blogging into today’s mainstream marketing practices and even into college marketing classrooms. (She specifically mentions our Bentley College Marketing Honors blog – how ironic that I’m blogging about her blogging about me blogging about her blogs!)

In addition to the irony of the situation, it really is an interesting topic to discuss. It seems that blogs are the next big trend in the marketing world. Consequently, if the up-and-coming marketing leaders (i.e., today’s college marketing students) are introduced to the uses of blogs, and if they are taught to effectively implement blogging into their marketing strategies, it will further push this trend toward the mainstream. Marketing as a whole could be completely transformed.

In addition to changing the ways in which marketing strategies are executed, professors implementing blogs into their curriculums will allow the colleges/universities and their professors to market themselves. College blogs will be completely searchable, accessible, and reference-able in revealing information about the education, professors, classes, students, and campus culture provided by the institutions they represent. Prospective students will refer to college blogs in order to get information about the education they’ll receive and the learning styles of teachers at various schools when they’re sending out applications. Colleges will refer to blogs when looking to hire new professors. Companies hiring college graduates will look at the blogs those graduating students have authored. Blogs will truly reinvent the marketing of colleges, professors, students, and workers in addition to consumer brands of all kinds.

This story is marketing-related for the obvious reasons stated in the above paragraphs. Not only are blogs beginning to be used for the marketing of various brands, but for colleges and individuals as well. As blogs are integrated into marketing classes, their relevance to the marketing world is confirmed and their incorporation into brands’ marketing practices will be set in motion at an even faster rate once those students enter the business world.

The story informs marketing of the various ways blogs can be used beyond basic customer testimonials and brand public relations methods. It also reaffirms the idea that blogs really are the next big thing, since they’re being taught in educational institutions rather than being commonly regarded as simple online journals.

It improved my understanding of marketing by leading me to think about the various ways people can market themselves using technology, as opposed to just thinking about corporate marketing practices and techniques. In addition to newly emerging technologies such as “The Facebook” and “MySpace,” blogs will soon be used as a supplement to resumes and personal references for companies when they’re looking to hire new college graduates. It really does make you realize how much personal information will soon be accessible by employers, marketers, and individuals all over the globe. A little scary, isn’t it?

While the blog I reference was an interesting topic, Toby didn’t exactly go into the idea that I discussed here, about colleges and individuals using blogs to market themselves. I was easily able to extrapolate from her blog, as you can see, but if she had mentioned this concept it may have been a more effective “marketing” blog.


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