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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

"Landing Pages for Referrals"

John Jantsch’s most recent marketing blog related to the topic of landing pages, a method of marketing which drives people to sign up for more information on your product or to enroll in a service. He discusses the basic use of landing pages as of now, and related this to his new idea of using them to market and refer more customers in a more efficient way. He writes of making the landing page idea completely online, where a company can market themselves through online web-pages which are specifically used for referrals. These referrals would be more satisfying to the customers and the company because of the personal attention that the customer received, and the ease at which they were able to access more product information.

This story is marketing-related because it deals with the company’s ability to inform customers about their products and to spread out their customer base. The last point that Jantsch wrote about not only touched on the idea of using landing pages as a marketing method, but also delved into the possibility of making multiple, personalized landing pages for those companies which have the potential to refer numerous customers. By personalizing the landing pages, the author is realizing the ability of a company to retain more customers and attract new customers through personalized marketing methods.

This reading informs marketing by letting the reader know that there are even more methods of marketing available than a regular businessperson, or even consumer, would think of. By taking an already existing marketing method, and making it more effective and efficient, Jantsch has informed the reader of a new possibility in the realm of marketing. Many companies would not consider the idea of online referrals to be a profit making venture, but Jantsch makes the idea not only seem profitable, but also entirely plausible.

This article improved my understanding of marketing because, although I was aware that referrals and similar marketing techniques were used, I was not aware of what they were called or how extensively they could be used to serve a particular purpose. I have never learned very much information on the subject that Jantsch wrote of, so it improved my knowledge of marketing by delving into a fairly unknown subject. It stresses the fact that marketing on TV and in print publications are not the only marketing areas that are profitable. It also makes the reader think more about the importance of getting referrals from both customers and companies in an effort to reach more customers.

My main critique of the blog that Jantsch wrote would be that he did not provide enough real world examples and things that made me apply what he was writing about. I would have preferred for him to mention companies that were successful in marketing using landing pages. He did include an example of a personalized landing page but I would have found it more insightful had he given the reader an example of companies that would be successful if they were to personalize their referral pages. Although he did write in a fairly easy to understand manner, it would have been more self-explanatory if he had included examples and things that related to his concepts through real world applications.


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