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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

A New Era for Marketing Research

This article addresses the importance of marketing research and the changes that are occurring in the marketing research field. In the beginning of the article, the author writes about a board meeting she was in with clients in which it was asked why they needed marketing research at all because they “knew” what the customer wants. It is exactly this attitude that directly contributes to the failure of many companies. Assuming one knows what the customer wants is by no means a sufficient substitute for directly going to the customer and finding out what they feel and have to say on the subject. As we have discovered in “Marketing Myopia”, such arrogance will not help a company to better target the market.
The author goes on to educate the reader regarding new developments in marketing research techniques. Many companies are now using CGM (consumer generated media) in order to gather information regarding the wants and needs of consumers. This is particularly helpful in trying to determine trends amongst the market. Once marketers can grasp a firm control on this type of research, they can they move forward in trying to determine outside influences on the market and its trends.
Many marketers are now using Consumer Generated Media as a substitute for traditional research methods such as: brand buzz, competitive intelligence, product development and improvement, pre-launch buzz, early warning crisis management, advertising effectiveness, and the voice of the customer.
This information shows that consumer sites, such as blogs, chat rooms, message boards, and various other personal websites can help marketing professionals gain insight into the minds of consumers. Gaining this source of primary research, primarily from the internet, opens doors that were not available to researchers of the past. Click-streaming and tracking a customer’s online orders is a revolutionary advancement in the world of marketing, one which was reluctant up until the past few years to use the internet as a research tool.
In our courses here at Bentley, we have mostly discussed marketing research in terms of surveys and focus groups. This article reveals a whole side of marketing that we have not been widely exposed to. Thinking outside of the box is critical in order to be a successful marketer and that is exactly what consumer generated media offers us. Using the latest technology is something that the marketing profession needs to pay attention to.
Although the article was short, concise, and easy to follow, it would have been beneficial to the reader if the author had included some examples of consumer generated marketing techniques. Left to my own thoughts, I came up with a few examples that I saw as fitting. However, it would have been interesting to read some specific examples of certain techniques used by a given company and what benefits and insights they received from using this technique.


Anonymous Toby said...

Hi Caitlin - I'm honored that Diva Marketing is playing a small role in your marketing class. Great analysis of the post.

For examples of CGM cases these companies may have a few on their sites:
Relevant Noise
Umbria Communications
Nielson BuzzMetrics **

I agree with you - thinking outside the box is critical in a competitive environment. CGM is an exciting tactic that can give marketers an inside look at consumers' perception of brands/products .. in the language of the customer.

Will be interesting to see how CGM is incorporated with other research tactics.

If you have any questions let me know.

Good luck!

Monday, February 13, 2006 1:22:00 AM  

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