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Monday, February 06, 2006

"Size Does Matter"

“Size Does Matter”

In the “Size Does Matter” blog posting by Michelle Miller, Miller expresses her anguish at not being able to find a stylish computer bag that fits her 17 inch laptop. The posting touches on the fact that women are not thought of as liking “big toys” and consequently there are no “big toy” accessories available to women that meet their wants and needs. All the bags available that suit that computer size are black and “boor-ing” and have clearly been designed to suit a male consumer.

The aspect of this blog that makes it marketing-related is the fact that there clearly exists a type of woman out there that does not fit the stereotype into which computer manufacturers place women. Women are typically thought of as being unconcerned with computer screen size and more concerned with having a lightweight, easily portable machine. Men, on the other hand, are usually associated with the phrase “bigger is better” and therefore most large screen computers and their accessories are designed with the male consumer in mind.

A project I was involved in last semester, a study of Tablet PCs in conjunction with Toshiba and Microsoft, confirmed these stereotypes through the use of interviews and focus groups, however, clearly the research done in this study and also done by computer manufacturers has failed to discover this group of women who are in fact interested in big computer screens. The emergence of a more powerful woman in today’s society has brought along a whole new market of women and it is up to marketers to design and offer products to satisfy this emerging segment. Perhaps this concept can be linked to recent class readings discussing the lack of creativity in marketing and the fact that marketers are not thinking “out of the box” and finding new ways to market their product and satisfy consumers to a greater extent.

Therefore, this posting can be seen as very informative to marketing as it further reiterates the core foundation of marketing, being to satisfy the wants and needs of consumers, and the fact that many companies are failing to do so. Many marketers are too focused on the product itself and forget that the product was created for a reason and that it is the customers who are making the purchases and the customers who are experiencing frustrations when they cannot find a product to meet their needs. Clearly, the computer and computer accessories industries are missing the boat and have failed to notice this evolution in the computer wants for women. Becoming too confined by consumer stereotypes and failing to follow and explore the evolving wants of your target market is clearly an invitation to fail and it appears that they are falling into this trap.

This posting really reiterated many of the concepts we have discussed and read to date, revealing many of the problems that exist within the marketing field and can ultimately destroy a potentially successful product. Marketers must ultimately realize that a customer orientation is the only orientation that should exist within the field and that satisfying the consumer is the ultimate goal of any marketer. If I could make one critique about the posting, it would be to include some theory and more direct connection to why she is having this frustration. Then again, if she had done it I might not have had anything to write about!


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