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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

When Pigs Fly

In Michelle Miller’s most recent blog posting, she comments on a business book she received in the mail titled, “The Wisdom of the Flying Pig – Guidance and Inspiration for Managers and Leaders” by Jack Hayhow. Miller states that she receives dozens of such books every month, all asking for her review, however, she never gives them a second thought. This particular book, on the other hand, caught Miller’s interest due to the insertion of a mechanical flying pig and also a personal note commenting on a blog posting of Millers on opening gestures, with Hayhow stating that he hoped his opening gesture passed her test of approval. What Hayhow’s opening gesture got in return was a well supported and enthusiastic recommendation of his book on Miller’s blog. In fact, Miller’s entire posting was essentially dedicated to Hayhow, his book, and how his personal gesture won her interest. “What made Jack’s stand out was not the book but the presentation. I happen to know that Jack sent flying pigs to several of my colleagues - but his note, connecting the flying pig to my blog, made it relevant to me.”

The element of this blog posting that make it marketing related is that Hayhow was, in fact, marketing his book to a targeted audience of business professionals. He determined what audience would best serve his purpose of promotion and then marketed his book to them in a way that differentiated him from the masses of other authors with the same ultimate goal and audience. His marketing campaign was able to stand out from others and therefore his goal was accomplished.

In addition, the depth to which this blog informs marketing is high. It emphasizes the importance of customization and personalization in the marketing world and how a simple gesture made by Hayhow in the process of marketing his book reached out and touched Miller and in a way made her feel like she had a personal relationship with this person despite the fact that she had never met him before in her life. This reaches back to past readings on the importance of relationships in marketing and the loyalty they develop. A little extra effort on Hayhow’s part went a long way in the mind of Michelle Miller and the personal connection prompted by Hayhow’s note enticed Miller to recommend his book and apply it in her professional life. Past book mailings to Miller had failed to establish this personal connection and therefore Miller was not inclined to read or recommend those books as she felt no connection or loyalty. Marketers can take a lot from this lesson and learn the power that establishing a personal relationship (or the sense of a personal relationship) has on the marketing of a product, idea, etc.

This blog improved my understanding of marketing by providing a tangible example of the power of personal relationships in the modern day world. I was already very familiar with the affect a personal note can have on a friend, relative, or job interviewer, however, this blog posting related that concept to the marketing world and opened my eyes to new and creative ways to integrate this technique into marketing strategies.

If I could critique one aspect of this blog, I believe it would continue along the line of past critiques made to Miller’s other postings. Miller’s blogs tend to be very focused on a story within her own life with a powerful underlying concept amongst them. It is very clear that Miller is a brilliant marketer and I would thoroughly enjoy reading more of her thoughts on the theory behind her story rather than just the story itself.


Anonymous Michael Wagner said...

Your posting is really helpful. I enjoy getting your take on the marketing thought behind Hayhow's promotion of his new book and Miller's response to his efforts.

I've posted my thoughts on the same subject at my blog,

I teach clients that different is the new better and, oddly enough, human touches are the new different. The "simple gesture" that you note is a great example of the power of "high touch" delivered by means of "high tech".

Again, appreciate your posting!

Sunday, March 05, 2006 3:36:00 PM  

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