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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

B2B Blogger Exposed!!

David Jung is 39 years old is lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He is a one-man marketing department for a small industrial manufacturing company (with a larger Japanese parent) that sells specialized test equipment to major companies across North America and the world. He started out at Rutgers University as a Mechanical Engineering student, was hired as a salesperson, and a few years later added marketing to his roles. He completed an MBA program at GVSU with a certificate in e-commerce. Finally, he shed the sales task and was promoted to Marketing Manager.

His job is primarily in the tactical execution of marketing, such as advertising, website, catalogs, trade shows, and sales support. He started B2Blog to give himself a place to react to the challenges of marketing in the internet era and the dramatic changes taking place.

David has this message for the class:

“It’s interesting to see your class blogging. I started blogging and reading blogs while I was taking MBA classes. It was surprising how often I wanted to cite blogs as sources in the papers I was writing for my e-commerce and marketing classes. I thing your professor is smart to get you interested in marketing blogs because it is the best way to stay on top of such a dynamic field.”



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