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Monday, March 06, 2006

Michelle Miller

When I first read Michelle Miller's biography, I got a little nervous as one of her first sentences stated, "a classical musician by training." My panic ceased, however, as I continued to read and learned that Miller holds degrees in both education and business administration. Past places of employment include Diapers Unlimited delivery service, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, Sirius Satellite Radio, as well as her own PR firm of 7 years located in New York. Miller is currently a partner in Wizard of Ads, a source of private consulting, speaking, teaching, and publishing of advertisements for companies. "She maintains a powerful roster of dynamic small businesses across North America, and is an international speaker and teacher on the topic of marketing to women." In addition, Miller has also published a book titled, "The Natural Advantages for Women," which presents the idea that women are "hardwired for personal greatness." Sounds good to me!


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