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Monday, March 20, 2006

"So Who's The Target Really?"

John Jantsch’s blog titled “So Who's The Target Really?” discusses the idea that businesses should aim to be the target of the consumer market they are trying to sell their product or service to, as opposed to putting all of their efforts into targeting the consumers in different ways. As the author wrote, “Yes, it's true you need to find a narrow market and focus on them. However, I think that small business owners would fare much better if they realized that they could and should be the target. That's right, don't aim for a market, get a market to target you.” He argues that, with efficient and consistent marketing, you can get your target market to target you as opposed to the other way around.

He points out that many businesses change their marketing strategy so often that consumers can’t understand what they are trying to sell or communicate to their audience. Jantsch argues that the company should instead stick with one message for their marketing campaign and relentlessly market that message and eventually they will win over their consumers with their consistency. As he writes, “Stop changing what you say, what you look like, what you do - stick with something long enough, repeat it over and over until it makes you ill (or becomes a mantra) then, and only then, will your prospects target you.”

This story is marketing-related because it discusses a problem that many small businesses have. Jantsch writes about attracting consumers and also the concept of the target market, both of which are heavily related to marketing. He explains that in order to have effective marketing you have to stick with your idea or message and be persistent with that, instead of changing your message too often and losing potential consumers.

This reading informs marketing by exposing a small business problem and providing a plausible solution for it. He describes the Buddhist concept of the “monkey mind” which is “the name for that clamoring in you head that hates the silence, hates the mundane, hates to sit still”. He relates this to marketers who hate to sit still and listen to a repetitive marketing message. He informs the reader that this is not a healthy business decision because it will confuse the target consumers and will lose more of them than it will attract.

This blog improved my understanding of marketing because it informed me that, although it may seem that your method of marketing is not working, you have to give it some time in order to see the full effect of your marketing. It added to my understanding of marketing by exploring the topic of the target market and marketing message. It also provided me with a new concept, the idea of being the target as opposed to the consumers being the target.

My only critique of the blog was that it did not provide any examples. It would have been nice to read about real world examples with companies who have used this marketing method to gain market share and a good reputation. It would have made it easier to relate to the concept and would have made the article seem more trustworthy.


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