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Monday, April 03, 2006

Can you give the gift of Experience?

In one of Katherine Stone’s previous posts she talked about the gifting experience. Each gifting experience is a ritual in which marketing theories come into play. Not only that, but the idea of giving a person an actual experience as the gift is something that is becoming more and more popular. As people begin to have more active lives, they enjoy being able to give and receive gifts that are active. Some such gifts can include going hiking in a park, white water rafting, going to various sporting events, or giving someone a gift certificate to a travel company. People are giving their friends and family trips to go wine tasting and to similar experiences. This type of gift allows the recipient to enjoy an experience that they otherwise may not have been able to have. The amount of “stuff” a person can have is limited. There are only so many sweaters or purses or picture frames that a person needs. After that limit the excess is just that, excessive. The item does not hold as special of a place in the eyes of the recipient because it is just like all the other “stuff” that is already making their houses or apartments burst at the seams. Katherine Stone’s own husband gave Katherine the experience of going to New York City, seeing the Rockettes, going to the theater production of Spamalot, and enjoying food at various restaurants in the area for her birthday.
This article informs marketing because it discusses additional gifting experiences besides simply products. In a time of over consumption in American culture, it is important for companies to think of what type of experience they are offering their consumers. Those experiences will be the way that companies can market their product or service in order to increase sales. Marketers must think beyond the physical product or service that they offer and think of the experience that consumers are receiving or wishing to receive.
Katherine Stone’s blog posting informed my understanding of marketing in a couple different manners. First of all, the idea of gifting experience to a person is extremely important in the world of retail. In my internship in Retail Marketing I must understand that we are not just selling children’s shoes but rather we are selling an experience in which the parents of the children feel that they have received the best possible product for their child. In addition, the parents of the children must be able to actually shop. Therefore, while in the retail environment the children must be entertained and have a good time in order to allow the parents to actually shop.
The blog was very well written as all of Katherine Stone’s typically are. However, it would have been extremely helpful if Stone could have gone into some of the ways that companies can market their experiences that the consumer receives. Stone went into some examples of how companies are gifting experiences, such as dancing with the Rockettes, wine tasting, or learning to belly dance. The blog is not as helpful to companies that already have an experience that consumers would be interested in but there is no marketing support in order to inform the consumers about the experience opportunity.


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