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Monday, April 17, 2006

The Carnival of Marketing and Harvesting Collective Genius

“Every employee idea, no matter how small, improves an organization in some way. It is when managers are able to get large numbers of such ideas that the full power of the idea revolution is unleashed.” -IDEAS ARE FREE by Alan Robinson and Dean Schroeder

The blog posting I read for this week dealt with utilizing the abundance of ideas that can be generated from a company’s employees. I found a blog posting by Spike Jones at Brains on Fire, “
The Carnival of Marketing,” which references the top seven best and recent blog postings in the industry. One such posting was by John Moore at Brand Autopsy, “Harvesting Collective Genius,” and it is the posting I will be discussing in my blog this week.

In this posting, John Moore discusses the way in which Rite-Solutions “created an internal idea stock exchange.” Employees at Rite-Solutions can suggest any idea or recommendation. These ideas then become mock stocks and employees are given fake money to invest in these ideas on a “Mutual Fun” board. One of the co-founders of Rite-Solutions explains,

“We’re the founders, but we’re far from the smartest people here. At most companies, especially technology companies, the most brilliant insights tend to come from people other than senior management. So we created a marketplace to harvest collective genius."

This is a brilliant idea by Rite-Solutions because employees often do have innovative ideas and no means to articulate them. By making this program into a game with stocks and pretend investments, it helps to make employees involved and interested. In addition, it helps to highlight the best ideas.

As our blog postings have been showing us over the past few weeks traditional means of marketing is becoming less effective. This blog posting is marketing related because this game or Human Resources idea could be used to generate new marketing ideas or activities. Moreover, it builds unity and enthusiasm in employees and we know from previous articles, happy employees create happy customers.

Similarly, this article informs marketing by shedding light on a new and innovative concept for companies in any industry. It also reminds marketers of the power of employees and the internal resources available. Hopefully, this “Mutual Fun” game will provide a stepping stone for other companies to develop their own game or company wide venue for idea generation.

Not only did this blog posting improve my understanding of current events happening in the industry, it also made me think of different and more marketing driven games that could become company wide events. One idea I had was that companies could play on themes from the industry they are in or the customers they are targeting. For example, a company like Home Depot would have a marketing idea generation game with a theme centered around tools and/or hardware.

My only criticism of John Moore’s posting was that he provided a lot of quotes but he could have possibly provided more of his own opinion and insights.


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