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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Clever Avaya Podcasts

Clever Avaya Podcasts
April 2, 2006

In this recent post from Diva Marketing, Toby writes about a recent step that Avaya, Inc. has taken to integrate podcasts into the business world. Avaya is an innovative communications company that provides large corporations and government agencies with IP telephony, web access, messaging, and interactive voice response services in order to optimize their business functions in today’s internet-oriented society.

Rather than marketing podcasts as a forum for peer-to-peer music sharing, Avaya has introduced them to the business world to be used as business tools, with the purpose of sharing important news and business information with partners, prospects and clients. On its website, Avaya includes links to the “Dummies” how-to books as podcasts, which is a very creative approach in itself. Instead of just informing visitors to the website about podcasts and their uses, Avaya makes an example of their uses by creating a podcast that informs visitors about the uses of podcasts!

As Toby reflects on the role that podcasts could assume in today’s business world, she writes, “What content do you have that can be spun into a podcast *that would be of value* to your customers and prospects? Think: Speeches, presentations, roundtable discussions.” She goes on to say, “Avaya turned customer testimonials/cases studies into podcasts… Listening to the people who used the product/service tell their stories brings a dimension that simply reading the cases can not.” These statements sufficiently explain the connection between marketing and her blog about podcasting. Podcasting is marketing-related because it is a new venue through which companies can distribute marketing collateral to their contacts – including employees, customers, potential customers, and corporate partners/sponsors. It is one more way that corporations can communicate with and market to the outside world.

The story informs marketing of the latest and greatest appearance on the technological front of the marketing world. It serves to create an awareness of the potential marketing uses for podcasts, enlightening readers that they can be used for more than just music sharing purposes. Podcasts could be used separately or in conjunction with blogs, another cutting-edge technological marketing tool that has only recently begun to gain respect in the industry.

This blog improved my understanding of marketing primarily by improving my understanding of podcasts. I wasn’t really familiar with them before, but after doing a bit of research subsequent to reading the blog, I realized that they really can be an effective marketing tool. The blog also reinforced in my mind the very important notion that marketers must constantly be keeping up with technological innovations, and they must be continuously monitoring possible implementations of new technologies into their everyday marketing practices. This will allow them/us to remain competitive in a rapidly changing marketing environment.

My only critique of both Toby’s blog and Avaya’s website is that neither one really offers a good explanation of what Avaya does. Toby simply mentions them, and provides a link to the website, which would be fine if the corporate website actually stated what the company does. (This is more of a critique of the Avaya website than anything.) I spent approximately ten minutes browsing Avaya’s site and still had a very vague picture of what the company was all about. I finally resorted to looking it up on Hoovers, which gave me a much better understanding than the company’s own website. I see this as a major problem for Avaya, especially since their service revolves around communications!


Anonymous Toby said...

Thanks for another great review of Diva Marketing. You are certainly helping me to do better work.

Your analysis of the Avaya website was right on target. Perhaps some smart person at Avaya is monitoring consumer generated media and will pick up your post and make a few changes.

Monday, April 03, 2006 10:05:00 AM  
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