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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Indecent Marketing

A previous blog posting written by Katherine Stone talked about her experience on the other side of marketing tactics. Katherine had started a blog after she experienced post-partum depression. The blog was an outlet for people who had gone through similar situations. Katherine made this space as her own personal space. It was an area in which people could voice their opinions, what had worked for them, or question how to help the situation. The forum was used for the purpose of creating a support network for others. It was not a marketing blog, nor was it a way for Katherine to market to other people. It was purely set up as a person space for Katherine and people like her.

However, she received three comments posted by a person who was trying to sell her a screening process to make it easier for doctors to diagnose post-partum depression. This person was not someone who was trying to help the other people who posted or read the blog. The person was attempted to market a product or service to people who may or may not have needed his services. Katherine Stone states that this is “indecent marketing.” What is meant by this is that some marketers blur the lines of “decent marketing” in which you offer a product to a consumer and allow them to decide if that product is something that they need and what has and “indecent marketing” in which the marketer invades the privacy of the consumer. Katherine discusses the fact that it should not be the consumers’ job to delete unwanted messages.

This blog article was extremely interesting. It is a view of marketing from a marketer’s perspective. Katherine Stone is an experienced marketer. She has held many important positions within companies and now owns her own consulting firm. Finding ways to market to consumers is something that Katherine has had to do her entire career. However, she brought up an important aspect of marketing. There is a very thin line between being a marketer who cares about one’s consumers and a marketer who will do anything just to get at the consumer. This informs marketing because it discusses the fact that there are some tactics that are invasive into the consumer’s privacy. When that occurs, people begin to get a negative impression of the company. It is extremely important for companies to remember that they are trying to build a brand. Their job is not just to sell a product but rather to start and maintain a relationship with their consumers for the long term.

This blog informs my understanding of marketing in a few different ways. First, it was helpful to see that other marketers have come across situations in which they have experienced marketing that is not beneficial to the brand. I have often felt that there are lines that companies sometimes cross in regards to marketing. However, it has previously been difficult for me to understand how and where the line is that companies cross. The blog helped me understand how companies cross that line. Additionally, the blog article discussed the need for privacy in the minds of the consumers. It is extremely important for marketers to have a high regard for that privacy and relate to consumers in a mutually respected manner.

I found this blog extremely relevant. However, Katherine Stone took a personal viewpoint on the article. I feel that if she was able to remain slightly more objective then she would have been able to gain more credibility. Everyone hates feeling like their privacy is violated. However, it is important for Katherine to talk about specific manners in which companies can make sure to stay on the right side of the line. I was left wanting more from the blog report.


Blogger John Cass said...

I thought your discussion about the issues was good. By illustrating what a company should not do in terms of approaching a customer. Other companies can learn from those 'mistakes.'

Tuesday, April 18, 2006 12:39:00 PM  
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