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Monday, April 10, 2006

"What's the Opposite of Love?"

John Jantsch’s blog titled “What’s the Opposite of Love?” discusses the idea that you have to reach out for feedback from your audience, even if it is not what you want to hear. He writes that “The opposite of love is indifference. If people don’t love your business, it’s unlikely that they hate it.” He goes on to explain that it is not enough to be happy that your business is not getting any negative feedback, because that just means that there are many people who are indifferent on your business and don’t care enough to give you the feedback.

Jantsch explains that, “If you're not getting any negative feedback, it may not be because all is well, it may in fact be because they don't care enough to tell you.” He says that you have to welcome and encourage negative feedback so that you can grow as a business and make improvements in response to this feedback. He realizes that you do not want a large negative reputation, but he believes that getting some negative feedback is good and means that your business has a presence in the marketplace and in consumers’ minds. He provides tips on how to accept bad advice and what to do with it, because you cannot respond to it all.

This blog is marketing-related because it deals with customer service within your business and the perception of your business in the minds of consumers. The issue of company image and brand perception deals greatly with marketing. The company needs to know how to market their company and this involves taking bad feedback and making adjustments to their company and marketing strategy.

This reading informs marketing by examining the issue of negative brand perception and how you can use negative feedback to better your business. This informs marketing by educating readers on the fact that even though they are not getting any negative feedback, it does not mean that their business is doing well. It could solely mean that their customers (or non-customers) do not care enough to provide them with feedback.

This blog improved my understanding of marketing by informing me on the issue of negative feedback and how it can influence and help a business succeed in the long run. The blog shows that marketing is in all areas of business, including the issue of customer service and customer critiques.

My usual critique of Jantsch’s blog is that he does not provide examples of what he writes about. This is not the case in this blog. Jantsch provides an example of an email critique that he received from a reader, and he included his response to the email and how he would respond to the critique. I have no critiques of this particular blog.


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